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Digital Altimeter FREE app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 1568 ratings )
Developer: Patrick Giudicelli
Current version: 1.3.6, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 02 Nov 2009
App size: 7.31 Mb

Digital Altimeter is a GPS based altimeter for the iphone and the iPad

- Display the Height in meters or feet.
- Display the Latitude.
- Display the Longitude.
- Display the horizontal accuracy in meters or feet.
- Display the vertical accuracy in meters or feet.

Digital Altimeter only work outdoor.

Pros and cons of Digital Altimeter FREE app for iPhone and iPad

Digital Altimeter FREE app good for

I gave the app 4 stars because it works as advertised. However, because this app is free, its littered with advertising that interferes with the experience. Removed as fast as I installed.
This little Altimeter does just what it says and doesnt complicate thing by trying to do too much. Its simple and accurate and once youre out of wifi range the ads go away.

Some bad moments

As usual this kind of app does not work on ipad mini 2. Any ipad i have had compass also works a few times and then is useless. Living in the wild norwegian mt woods, has shown this fact consistently. Any one else comes here with iphone, or ipod touch or ipad same thing happens if I use it. So it may work in the city. But nature has all kinds of factors like granite piezo electricity, gravity anomalies, weird gamma radiation (cpm rates in the millions, but only for minutes, different to non "weird" gamma. Bottom line.... Zero values show on app. This app, does not work at all.
The elevation function for this apparently only works if you buy the full version. The free version only gives coordinates. Look somewhere else for a free version
Only has one button and when u hit it,asks u to buy digital
Dice sempre GPS not ready... Anche allaperto! Pero le latit e long ci sono..
I loaded this app and it works great. I found it to be accurate to within 100 feet. Laid my phone on the dashboard and it picked up my altitude. No problems.
I downloaded and installed the free app on my iPhone 3G running iOS4. It doesnt work, always displaying an altitude of 0 and "GPS NOT READY" in red. I waited patiently for a few minutes to give the app some time -- nothing. My iPhones GPS is working just fine through Maps. If I click on the "i" it gives me info on the paid version of the app. Am I missing something? Other than that, it looks good...

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